About our Plastic-Free "Stitched" Teabags

The topic of plastic in teabags has come up in the press again recently and, ever since we launched in 2014, we've talked about how our teabags are "stitched" without plastics, glue, or staples like others.

So, let's explain that in some more detail…

Others are Heat-Sealed

The plastic in question relates to is the way the teabag paper is sealed.

Any standard square or round teabags from a big-box supermarket brand are heat-sealed.

The paper teabag is closed with a heat press, so it contains a layer of heat-sealable glue which is made from a thermoplastic such as PVC or polypropylene.

Of course that's perfectly safe for consumption, but we think it feels a little disconcerting once you know it's there.

And, more importantly, the glue causes problems with disposal as the plastic will prevent the teabag from composting.


Ours are "Stitched"

The machine we use folds the teabag filter paper (an unbleached abacá-based fibre) and uses the string to “stitch” it closed, where others might use a staple or glue to close the teabag and attach the string.

There are no plastics, no glues, and no staples in our teabags

But… we should point out that our individually-wrapped teabag envelopes require a barrier layer to keep the delicate flavour in (and others out), so there is a thin layer of polyethylene film lining the envelopes which can be biodegradable under certain conditions.

Food packaging in the wider market has a long way to go to reduce its reliance on plastics, primarily because food safety and quality is so reliant upon that barrier.

But there is a great deal of work being done in the sector to develop alternatives, and we'll continue to explore those developments to find the best balance of quality with minimal environmental impact.

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#teaRichard Heath