How To Make Floral Ice Cubes

These long glorious days with the subtle hints of perfumed flowers each morning and evening also mean that our favourite flower, lavender, is in full bloom. Just walking a few steps into a garden, it’s pretty easy to see and smell that gorgeous purple blanket; and what a site it is!

Here at Devonshire Tea we love lavender for its versatility. Known for its distinctive smell as well as its soothing and relaxing properties, it’s the perfect flower to use year-round.

With the past month being one of the hottest months on record we spent as much time outside as possible whilst keeping those cool drinks flowing, yet we found we got tired of the same old ice cold drinks.

This month we decide to up our alfresco game and created our very own floral ice cubes. Perfect everyday or for a party, this is a super easy way to capture the season and add a bit of creativity to any summer beverage. Follow these few simple steps for creating the perfect floral ice cubes!

  1. We always suggest using edible flowers if you are wanting to eat them. We used culinary lavender which is fine for consumption. You can buy edible flowers from your local farmers market or online, we recommend Greens of Devon.
  2. Place flowers into each ice cube compartment, making sure they are as flat as possible. We also used gypsophila in our cubes for a decorative effect.
  3. We suggest using boiling water as it doesn’t crystallise as much, meaning you will be able to see the flowers much more clearly.
  4. Place level in the freezer for a minimum of 15 hours, and be careful when removing the ice cubes from the tray.
  5. Add to your desired drink, and enjoy!

These lavender ice cubes are the perfect addition to a tea party, wedding, or any special occasion. We used ours in tonic water – a refreshing drink ideal for these hot summer days.

We’re keen to try mint next!