Inspiration: Crafty Homemade Gift Wrapping

With less than a week to go until the big day, we have found the perfect gift wrapping trends for you this season. Why not give some of these a try this week? Be sure to tag us!


Nautical Style

We have a fond love for the seaside here in Devon, so it’s not surprising we love the idea of incorporating coastal treasures into gift wrapping.

This style is classic but with a nautical edge, perfect for any time of the year. Whether it’s a piece of delicate coral or seashells, this is a great way to add subtle, sophisticated features to a special gift.

To finish, why not add a pop of colour? Green coastal foliage like pine or dried seaweed is a lovely way of adding more tones to a neutral colour scheme.


Free Hand

We love the simplicity of this trend. It’s fun, it’s creative and kid-friendly too.

Hand drawn illustrations are a personal way of adding something “homemade” to a heartfelt gift. You can even make the illustrations relevant to that person and their interests!

Find some festive metallic pens, turn the Christmas carols on and get crafty with the kids in the run up to Christmas.


Go Bold

Christmas wrapping doesn't have to be the same old red, gold and green. As you can probably tell, we love a splash of colour here at Devonshire Tea!

Why not go that little bit extra this year and add vibrant colours to your gifts? Using bright coloured tissue paper against a neutral base such as brown parcel wrapping paper creates a young, fun and playful style.


Pom Poms

From pom pom earings to pom pom sandals, we’ve seen these homemade balls of yarn everywhere this year.

Colourful, nostalgic and not to mention super easy to make, pom poms paired with a plain background such as white tissue paper silver foil paper or brown parcel wrap is a fun way of adding some love to your festive gift wrapping.

You can even add a sparkly thread to make them even more festive! Don't know how to make them? Click here for a tutorial.

@ Mollie Makes

@ Mollie Makes


Natural Rustic

This theme is similar to the Nautical style, but this time we head away from the coast and head into the forest.

Gift tags don't always have to be made from paper, why not find an old leaf to write on with silver pen? Step out of the shops and immerse yourself in nature, whilst collecting some of the natural treasures it has to offer.

We love the concept of using pinecones, leaves and twigs to spruce up your winter gifts. The colours from your findings paired with rugged string or twine creates a rustic Scandinavian style, a trend we love which has been extremely popular this year.



Why not try something new this season? Let us introduce you to Furoshiki, Japanese fabric wrapping.

The main concept is to eliminate the use of wrapping paper and instead make beautiful wrapping from fabric. We couldn’t back this more! Not only does it last for years, it is much more eco-friendly, and in the long run, is much more economical.

Using a variation of colours and prints, Furoshiki is an innovative and planet-friendly way to wrap your gifts this winter. For a step by step guide click here.

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