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An independent British family business working with the best tea people in the industry to responsibly source, blend, and pack outstanding tea in the West of England.


Classic Breakfast

Our Classic Breakfast brings together a bold Assam from North-East India and a golden Ceylon from Sri Lanka's highlands for a perfectly-balanced blend with superb depth of flavour.

Earl Grey

Our Earl Grey blends a bold Assam from North-East India and a golden Ceylon from Sri Lanka's highlands, scented with the delicate citrus aroma of the Bergamot fruit.

Assam Origin

Our single-origin Assam is a bold, malty, full-bodied tea from the lush tropical monsoon region of North-East India that shares its name.

All of our tea is sourced from estates monitored by the Ethical Tea Partnership to improve the lives of tea workers and their environment.

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Mixed 3 Pack

Try all three of our blends at home with a mixed pack comprising a box of our Classic Breakfast, our Earl Grey, and our Assam Origin, each containing 25 envelopes.


If you would prefer a different combination of packs included, you can specify during checkout.

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“Simply Stitched” Teabags

No glue, no staples, simply better tea!

Instead of using glue or staples like ordinary teabags, ours are stitched together and individually wrapped and tagged. We feel that's far better for the delicate tea inside, and makes more of an occasion of making a cup.

We don’t really mind how you make your tea – you know how you like it! – but do boil just enough fresh water, take your time, and use your favourite mug.

Tastes better, doesn't it?

Local Tea?

“Local” isn’t so straightforward when it comes to tea, as the best tea only grows well in tropical climates — we source from the classic tea-growing regions of India and Sri Lanka.1

Rather than producing more cheaply abroad, we’re proud to be able to pack our tea in South West England with the UK’s premier independent tea factory.2

We’re a small West Country company based in Exeter, but with our heart by the sea, creating exceptional tea to represent our little corner of the country which has the most vibrant food & drink sector.

  1. Most of the UK's standard black tea is imported from Kenya ↩

  2. In Gloucestershire, though we wish they'd built the multi-million-pound facility in Devon, of course! ↩


Tea isn’t like some other crops, such as coffee, produced by small individual farmers — tea is a mature industry with some large companies operating many estates.1

Rather than investing in a certification mark emphasising higher prices for estate owners, we decided instead to only source our tea from estates monitored by the Ethical Tea Partnership.

The ETP works to “improve the lives of tea workers and their environment” by monitoring employment conditions for the staff on the ground as well as environmental conservation, which we think is a better focus.

  1. Including multinational companies with hundreds of brands, and others which also operate oil fields ↩

What's Next?

We’re working now on some additions to the range, including a Delightful Afternoon blend of Assam with Darjeeling, a green tea, and a selection box.

We love our “Simply Stitched” teabags for we think they have the best combination of quality, freshness, experience, and value.

We’re unlikely to produce an unwrapped teabag as the tea becomes stale easily 1, and we’re not fans of “ordinary” untagged teabags as they contain a layer of glue to seal the paper together 2.

  1. Versus a 3-year shelf life when wrapped ↩

  2. Heat-sealable thermoplastics such as PVC or polypropylene on the inner tea bag surface – nice eh! ↩

We’re not likely to offer a range of loose leaf tea as we feel there is only a marginal flavour benefit with far less convenience1, and it’s a very well-served market, as are herbal & fruit infusions2.

Finally, decaffeinated tea isn’t something we like the idea of because of the chemical processes used3 — if you can't have caffeine, try a naturally caffeine-free tea like Rooibos instead4.

Something you think we're missing? Get in touch!

  1. Unlike coffee where the difference between “real” and instant is huge! ↩

  2. We'd recommend Higher Living ↩

  3. The leaves are immersed in chemicals such as dichloromethane, ethyl acetate, or liquid carbon dioxide for several hours – lovely! ↩

  4. See our friends at Kromland Farm ↩