Wonderful blends to brighten every day

Simply great tea from the Eastern world, perfectly packed in the Westcountry.

A bright new range lovingly created by a little British company with a taste for adventure.

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Classic Breakfast

Our Classic Breakfast brings together a bold Assam from India and a golden Ceylon from Sri Lanka for a perfectly-balanced blend with superb depth of flavour.

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Earl Grey

Our Earl Grey blends a bold Assam from India and a golden Ceylon from Sri Lanka, scented with the delicate citrus aroma of the Bergamot fruit.

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Assam Origin

Our single-origin Assam is a bold, malty, full-bodied tea from the lush tropical monsoon region of North-East India that shares its name.

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Each pack contains 25 stitched, tagged, and individually-wrapped teabags.

FREE UK postage with 3+ packs!   

  1. Free standard UK postage (2nd Class) with orders of between 3 and 12 packs, with standard Royal Mail postage charged thereafter.

Selection Pack


Try all three of our blends with a selection containing a box of each of Classic Breakfast, our Earl Grey, and our Assam Origin (each containing 25 stitched, tagged, and individually-wrapped teabags).

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NEW! Festive Selection


Brighten Christmas with our Festive Selection containing 5 envelopes of each of our 4 blends: Classic Breakfast, Earl Grey, our brand new Delightful Afternoon, and our single-origin Assam.

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All of our tea is sourced from estates monitored by the Ethical Tea Partnership to improve the lives of tea workers and their environment.

Our “Simply Stitched” Teabags

No glue, no staples, simply better tea!

Instead of using glue or staples like ordinary teabags, ours are stitched together and individually wrapped and tagged. We feel that's far better for the delicate tea inside, and makes more of an occasion of making a cup.

We don’t really mind how you make your tea – you know how you like it! – but do boil just enough fresh water, take your time, and use your favourite mug.

Tastes better, doesn't it?